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Our products

Covilhetes, a kind of meat pies so popular and representative of Vila Real’s gastronomy, which owe their name to their shape, had their tradition linked to the Feira de Santo António, later also to the Festivals of Senhor do Calvário and Senhora of Almodena, practically unique occasions in which they were sold in tents/restaurants set up for this purpose.

We are the first economic operator, duly licensed by DGAV, to produce Vila Real Covilhetes and sell them anywhere in the world!

Our portfolio also includes a selection of different flavors of pies, patties, samosas and croquettes, our traditional balls and typical convent sweets from Vila Real – Crista de Galo and Pito de Santa Luzia. All our products are handcrafted with the best ingredients, which, combined with the art and mastery of knowledge, give them a traditional and incomparable flavor, capable of satisfying the most demanding customer.

Our facilities

The manufacturing unit is located at Rua dos Vales, nº 13, in Lordelo, in Vila Real, in an area of about 300,000 m2. The industrial establishment was designed to ensure the hygiene and safety of foodstuffs, as well as the safety and health of workers and the protection of the environment, and the respective construction project was prepared in this perspective.