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Cristas de Galo

0,601,20 (VAT inc.)

A centuries-old recipe, originating in the extinct convent of Santa Clara de Vila Real, is one of the specialties of the city of Vila Real. A crescent-shaped pastel, formerly called “pastel de toucinho” whose current name was gaining strength due to its resemblance to the crest of a rooster. The filling is made of eggs and almonds wrapped in a crunchy dough and cut in an artisanal and unique way, giving it the beauty and delicacy that it masters. After cooking in the oven and ready, the Crista is sprinkled with sugar.

Crista de Galo was elected one of the 7 sweet wonders of Portugal, in the national contest promoted by the national TV broadcast RTP.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, eggs, almond and sugar, natural fat and salt.
Natural products, without dyes or preservatives.
Shelf life: 5 days
Format: regular (aprox. 34g) and mini (aprox. 15g)

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