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Flavors 100% Trás-os-Montes and Douro

Infusões com História – Mild herbal infusion

9,90 (VAT inc.)

This infusion, very aromatic and with a delicate flavor, combines the intense fragrance of the beautiful-light thyme with the strong flavors of the laurel and walnut leaves. The result is a pleasant, sweet drink with fresh notes suggesting eucalyptus and camphor. To drink hot and relive the olfactory memories of childhood in the homes of our grandmothers.

Plants have natural phytochemicals. Some side effects may occur, depending on consumers’ age and condition.

Basic concept: Herbal infusion of delicate, fresh and sweet flavor.
Characteristics: A pleasant sweet drink, delicate and relaxing, which results essentially from the aromatic particularities of this thyme perennial species of graceful whitish blossom, rich in nectar that attracts bees.
Keywords: Mild (fresh and sugary notes suggesting eucalyptus and camphor) • Mix of smells • Wildlife • Tranquility

Format: Doypack bag

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