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Flavors 100% Trás-os-Montes and Douro

Infusões com História – Mystic herbal infusion

9,90 (VAT inc.)

The pennyroyal with an intense fragrant aroma and fresh flavor is combined with the common olive and vine leaves. The result is a perfumed, well-flavored, truly mentholed infusion with a somewhat citrusy and sweet taste. Given the aromatic profile of the pennyroyal, this infusion can be consumed hot or cold. A pleasant feeling of vitality, moments of perfect harmony with the river and the vineyard landscape.

Plants have natural phytochemicals. Some side effects may occur, depending on consumers’ age and condition.

Basic concept: Herbal infusion with intense sensorial characteristics linked to tradition and cultural heritage.
Characteristics: Hot or cool herbal tea, within this blend the scented and expressive flowers of three very popular plants are gathered to make an excellent herbal tea promoting a sense of well being.
Keywords: Mix of aromatic sensations (mint, citric, sweet, acid) • Resilience • Rurality • Cultural heritage

Format: Doypack bag

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