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Flavors 100% Trás-os-Montes and Douro

Extra Virgin Olive oil 500ml with tube

13,00 (VAT inc.)

High quality olive oil obtained from a blend of olives of different varieties of the region, uniquely through mechanical processes, produced at the Agricultural Cooperative of Castanheiro do Sul, in the municipality of S. João da Pesqueira, in the Alto Douro region.

The Alto Douro is a region with a rigorous climate, with hot and dry summers and cold winters, which make it a place par excellence for the cultivation of olive groves. Acidity is always less than 0.3% (0.2% in 2019) and has no sensory defects, which according to the legislation allows it to be classified as extra virgin.

Olive varieties: Cobrançosa: 40%, Verdeal: 40%, Cordovil: 15%, Picual: 5%
Organoleptic properties: It is a balanced olive oil, with the aroma and taste of fresh fruit and with a remarkable sweet, green, bitter and spicy sensation.
Color: golden yellow with greenish tones.
Consumption: Ideal to accompany salad and seasoning of meals, it can be consumed heated in cooking, used for frying, as well as a preservative agent of products like cheese and sausages

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